Words from Bronwen and the Walk21 Team

Words from Bronwen and the Walk21 Team

Dear Friends 

In our streets and public spaces around the world, communities are taking a stand for justice and racial equity.  The protests and demonstrations that began in the USA have found allies and resonance in the UK, across Europe, Australia and other places.

These injustices are not only in the systems that shape our institutions but also the systems that shape our neighbourhoods.  We will continue to challenge the systems that embed these injustices in our urban fabrics and our transport systems and support communities seeking better walkability, public spaces and access to essential services.

Borrowing from Enrique Peñalosa, streets are where we can meet as equals. But only if we make them that way.  Social and spatial inequalities can be dismantled with more walkable, more accessible and safer, local communities.

These are not easy times but they remind us how critical our streets and public spaces are for coming together.  And as the Mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, has demonstrated – streets are where we can write history. 

We walk together,

Bronwen and the Walk21 Team

Walk 21: https://www.walk21.com/about

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